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Currently we have 22 positions!

  • Company: Fayrefield Foods

    Sales Manager / Trader – Mejeriprodukter

    Er du klar til at vækste på de internationale mejerimarkeder…

  • Company: EASIS A/S

    KAM for dynamisk fødevarevirksomhed med bred produktportefølje

    Vil du med på rejsen i en virksomhed som drømmer stort, hvor ambitionerne er høje, og brænder du for salg i både Danmark og internationalt? Så har du nu muligheden for at blive en del af en succesrig virksomhed.

  • Company: Fomaco

    Service and Spare Parts Manager – Food Process Equipment

    Foodjob Nordic is now looking for an energetic Service and Spare Parts Manager to join the global market leading, specialist food process equipment company, Fomaco A/S in Køge. Fomaco A/S specializes in the manufacturing of injector machines for curing and marinating poultry, meat and fish products.

  • Company: Coronet Cake Company A/S

    Selvstændig og kvalitetsbevidst Kvalitetsleder

    Foodjob Nordic søger nu for Coronet Cake Company på Sjælland en dygtig Kvalitetsleder til en spændende stilling med mange selvstændige opgaver inden for fødevarekvalitet og hygiejne.

  • Company: Nordic Greens A/S

    Salgschef Detail til Nordic Greens A/S

    Foodjob Nordic søger for vores kunde Nordic Greens A/S en stærk kommerciel fødevareprofil med stærkt netværk og erfaring inden for dansk detail til en spændende stilling som Salgschef med ansvar for at skabe vækst i dansk detail på kædeniveau samt eksport. Den rette kandidat er struktureret, passioneret og har drive.

Welcome back to work!

We hope you have enjoyed a well-deserved summer holiday where you relaxed, gathered new energy and not least spent your time on everything but the thoughts of your work. For one must remember to enjoy – before one can enjoy.

All of us at Foodjob Nordic have returned to our everyday lives fresh and with new energy after a wonderful holiday – and we are now meeting an exciting autumn buzzing with activities.

Among other things, we can look forward to September 25, when we help co-organize ‘Career Day’ in Agro Food Park in Aarhus. Here students and graduates get the chance to meet with more than 25 of the leading companies in food or agriculture. There is also the opportunity to network with other students as well as attend two career preparation workshops that we help to facilitate. In addition to an exciting career day, Foodjob Nordic also participates in the Food Walk at this year’s Food Festival on September 6. Here, together with other companies from Agro Food Park, we want to hear about the companies at the Food Festival and their product development and innovative food. We look forward to seeing what the companies at the Food Festival have up their sleeve, and we look forward to meeting new people – and potential partners or new customers. Maybe we will meet at year’s Food Festival?

Later on in autumn we will also be part of the International fair season as we head for among others the International Food Contest in Herning (!), ANUGA in Cologne and the FIE in Paris.

We are also looking forward to seeing what the next half year brings with it from exciting recruiting assignments. If you are looking for your next career move or the new top talent or manger in your organization – why not contact us, so we can help you find the right candidate for you and your company.

We thank you for the trust given to Foodjob Nordic by our clients and candidates and look forward to seeing you all again soon. And hey – summer is not totally over yet!