Agromek Student Challenge 2018 – Foodjob Nordic

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Agromek Student Challenge 2018

The concept
Divided into groups of 5 the students will dive into the challenges of our 10 carefully selected business cases. During Agromeks four-days of exhibition the students will work intensly to develop new business models, apply cutting edge ideas and concepts to find the right solution for the individual case-organisations. The result is evaluated by an international judging panel consisting of both academics and business leaders from the industry.

For students: Can you create the future business concepts of agriculture?
This is a unique opportunity to present your competences to the leading organisations within the industry, while testing your self and your knowledge before finalising your education. When the case descriptions are made public, please send your application to Foodjob Nordic. We will be posting the application deadline on our website and on our social media platforms.

For companies: Become a case organisation in Agromek Student Challenge
We demand of the case organisations to allocate relevant people, knowledge and/or collaborators, and make them available for the duration of the competetion. It is imperative to ensure a high level of quality and professionalisme in the definition of the case to equally ensure the applicability of the result. Case organisations pay a participation fee.

For more information regarding becomming one of the 10 case organisations, please contact Director, Mads Kinch Clemmensen on +45 2912 6119 or [email protected]

Find more information about the Agromek fair here.