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International Food Contest 2017

The Products and Winners


In total seven categories of food products were competing in the contest and 35 companies entered the contest with one or more products. In every category the winners were awarded with gold, silver or bronze medals together with one honorary medal among all the gold medal winners – digital medals that could be used on the packaging and labels of the product.

Karamel Kompagniet was one of the participating companies who won a gold medal and the honorary medal in the category Bread, Pastry and Sweets with their product; salty peanut caramels. The owner Anna Knightbridge Niberg-Zehngraff flew to Herning from the easternmost point of Denmark, Bornholm, to attend the award ceremony. After the ceremony she immediately called their factory and stopped the production of the labels because she wanted to include their new medal on their packaging. This shows that IFC and the recognition the competing products get by participating, really means a lot to the companies and their business in the future.

The six other honorary medals were given to:
Meat and Poultry: Olden Gris from Vilstrup
Fish and Seaweed: Chilerejer from Crown Seafood
Beer: Brynhild from Bryggeriet Frejdahl
Wine, Vinegar and Mead: DON’s Rosé 2016 from Skærsøgaard
Fruit and Vegetables: Meyers grønsagschili from Løgismose/Meyers
Colonial Products: Løgismose økologisk espresso, 100% Arabica from Løgismose/Meyers

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