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FoodTech Challenge & 2018

FoodTech Challenge & is designed to make ideas become reality.

This unique platform is created to vitalise business development, brand your business and create both visibility and contacts to key stakeholders in the food industry and beyond. FoodTech Challenge & is a three-day open innovation competition. The participating companies are all market leaders within the industry, and each will supply a real-life case challenge of strategic importance for the business.

The three-day open innovation competition consists of:

  • A student challenge, where five carefully selected students with highly specialized knowledge will compete to develop new business models, ideas and concepts that can be successfully implemented by the participating companies.
  • An expert session, where three dedicated experts offering new perspectives and research results relevant to your case – a result of a close cooperation between experts and company up to the event.

An unique opportunity
We offer companies a unique opportunity to gear up for the future and gain invaluable insights and perspectives tailored to your business. This event makes it possible for ideas to become reality and offers you an arena of highly dedicated professionals and businesses, who meet up to explore Industry 4.0.

Requirements and framework for participation
Each participating company will pay a participation fee of 50.000 DKK and must identify and supply relevant human resources, networks and knowledge available to create strong cases. The case must define challenges of strategic importance to the company, and the company must support the team of students and experts during the competition.

So, join us if you want to…

  • Strengthen your business development
  • Generate new leads and business partners
  • Network with top talents, decision makers and experts
  • Acquire new knowledge and inspiration
  • Promote your company and build trust

Contact us now for more information – Contact person: Director Mads Kinch Clemmensen, +45 2912 6119 or [email protected]