The Gazelle Award Event 2017 – Foodjob Nordic

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The Gazelle Award Event 2017

Yesterday we were invited to the Gazelle Award Event 2017 in Tivoli Friheden at Hermans. Foodjob Nordic was among the 1999 companies who were awarded with the coveted title as Gazelle Company 2017.

A fully packed conference hall at Hermans set the scene for this sold out event. Our hosts from Børsen welcomed us with facts on the Gazelle Award. Later on, Christian Stadil, Timm Vladimir and Mikkel Grene gave inspirational insights in their journey in becoming a Gazelle Company. Vladimir and Grene spoke about their use of digital and social media in promotion of their brands, while Stadil uttered his opinion about being an entrepreneur and being an investor in several Gazelle companies.

Further, two Gazelle statues were given to two companies who did outstanding work in two areas: digitalization and manufacturing. In digitalization, the company Primo Tours won for their approach towards using social medias in their marketing and growth of their company. The manufacturing award was given to Vindfast ApS who has managed to find a solution to an enormous growth in their company by producing better products to a much lower price than their competitors.

Finaly, the winners of the Gazelle Regional Award was given to a company with a growth on more than 11.000% in the last three years – the company Normal A/S. They started off as a two-man company and has now more than 280 employees in Denmark. The idea behind their concept store is to sell affordable and quality products to the Danes – but now, they are heading to the remaining Scandinavian countries.

Thanks for a great event!

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