Recruiter exchange program – Foodjob Nordic

Currently we have 10 positions

  • Company: Lallemand

    Area Sales Manager Sweden – Bakery Ingredients

    Foodjob Nordic is now recruiting a strong commercial profile with an excellent track record in the Swedish food industry for Lallemand/De Danske Gærfabrikker A/S.

  • Company: Vega Salmon

    CCO for Vega Salmon A/S

    Foodjob Nordic is looking for a strong commercial food professional for an attractive CCO role. Our client is Vega Salmon A/S, a very successful international FMCG company operating worldwide.

  • Company: DNV GL Business Assurance

    Food Business Development Manager Northern Europe

    Foodjob Nordic is looking for a skilled Food Business Development Manager for Northern Europe to join DNV GL Business Assurance. Offering quality assurance, certification, supply chain, data and risk management services in more than 100 countries, DNV GL Business Assurance is experiencing extraordinary growth in the Food, Beverage and Aquaculture area and has strong ambitions to grow the business even further.

  • Company: Lagkagehuset

    Produktionsleder – Lagkagehuset

    Foodjob Nordic søger nu for Lagkagehuset A/S en stærk fagperson med lederevner og stor erfaring fra fødevareprocesser til at styrke den daglige drift af en virksomhed i vækst og hastig udvikling.

  • Company: Wellingo

    Area Sales Manager – Personal Nutrition

    Foodjob Nordic is now seeking an experienced Area Sales Manager for Wellingo Nutrition A/S, a market leading brand in Personal and Infant Nutrition.

Recruiter exchange program

We had a visit from our Dutch partner DUPP to learn more about how we can strenghten our relations

Last month we had a special visitor, Erik Van Bommel from our Dutch recruitment partner DUPP. Erik works as a recruiter at DUPP and has a background in food biotechnology and business development. Erik’s visit was part of an exchange program within our IFR-A partnership alliance, where a consultant from each partner visit one of the other partners.

The purpose of the visit is to strengthen our relations, learn more about each other and our food culture. We do recruiter exchange with our IFR-A partners because we believe it is a good way to mutually exchange experiences, work practices and increase our business collaborations. We believe that this will make our alliance stronger to the benefit of both our clients and candidates.

The IFR-A alliance allows us to collaborate on assignments, share our knowledge on the market and search in an international database to the benefit of our clients. Because even though we all work with recruitment within the food industry, there are still a lot of differences both cultural, financial and legislative that we can learn a great deal from.
Erik – who is the newest employee of our partner DUPP – spent two days with us here in Agro Food Park 13, where we introduced him to our team, our business and the Food Park in general. We got a chance to learn from Erik and DUPP and discuss how we market ourselves, the recruitment process, our tools and our overall strategy in a pre-Brexit Europe. It was very inspiring to learn more about how our colleagues at DUPP work and how we can improve our work flow and recruitment process.

Our consultant and partner Martin Alsted explains:
“At Foodjob Nordic we are fortunate to have the opportunity to share best practices in food recruitment on an ongoing basis working with our IFR-A partners. With the recruiter exchange program, we are forced to go a bit deeper in explaining our business – from our values and philosophy to our procedures and tools. Having fresh new eyes on our business and ways of working is very healthy. It creates a lot of valuable reflection.”

One of the things Erik noted was how much emphasis we put on the personal relationship with our clients. It has always been important to us that we have that close relationship in order to really understand clients’ business and needs so we can assist finding the right candidates. Does it not take up a lot of time? Yes, but it is time well spent as we believe this deep understanding of our clients and the market they are in, ads a lot of value creating strong and long-lasting matches in recruitment.

I found it particularly inspiring that you take customer intimacy to another level. Take the Student Challenge, where your customers share their problems and open their doors for working on a solution together.”

Next step of the IFR-A recruiter exchange is to send one of our consultants to visit one of the other IFR-A partners. We hope that the next visit will be just as fruitful as this one.

Thank you for spending two days with us Erik – we look forward to visiting you and your colleagues at DUPP. And thank you for the lovely aprons and cook books!