Nordic Food Industry 2019 – Foodjob Nordic

Currently we have 12 positions

  • Company: SYNLAB Analytics & Services AB

    Teknisk Salgskonsulent til SYNLAB Analytics

    Foodjob Nordic søger en teknisk salgskonsulent med baggrund fra levnedsmiddelindustrien til SYNLAB Analytics

  • Company: Coronet Cake Company A/S

    Sales & Operations Specialist til nøglestilling i fødevareindustrien

    Foodjob Nordic søger nu for Coronet Cake Company A/S en erfaren Sales & Operations Specialist til en spændende stilling for at styrke organisationen og sikre samspil mellem produktion, indkøb, logistik og salg.

  • Company: Coronet Cake Company A/S

    Selvstændig og kvalitetsbevidst Kvalitetschef

    Foodjob Nordic søger nu for Coronet Cake Company A/S en dygtig kvalitetschef til en spændende stilling med mange selvstændige opgaver inden for fødevarekvalitet og hygiejne.

  • Company: Anonymous

    Økonomichef til fødevarevirksomhed

    Foodjob Nordic søger nu for kunde en kompetent Økonomichef til en spændende stilling med mange selvstændige opgaver.

  • Company: AAK Denmark

    Global Business Development Manager for AAK

    Take your career to the next level in a key role in a global business within a world leading company… Foodjob Nordic is looking for an ambitious Global Business Development Manager to support competitive and profitable growth of AAKs Chocolate and Confectionary Fats business. AAK is the leading producer of specialized oils and fats for the food industry. The company has un-matched expertise in the application of vegetable oils and fats in chocolate and confectionery (CCF).

Nordic Food Industry 2019

Innovationsdagarna in Gothenburg November 5 - 6 2019

This week I visited Innovationsdagarna in Gothenburg – an event related to the Nordic Food Industry fair. The event focused on the industry, new technology, technical innovations, production and processing from suppliers to the food industry. This year running parallel to Innovationsdagarne was the Supply Chain fair “Logistik & Transport” focusing on innovative logistics and warehouse solutions and not least digitalization.

Learnings from the event
In general, it was positive and inspiring to see the entire event had an agenda with focus on people and the need for the right competencies and the right mindset. There were a lot of interesting speakers who gave an overview of the entities and structure of “the Swedish food innovation system”:

Food Radar Systems and Micvac presented their inspiring stories going from start-ups to scale ups with great disruption potential in making food processing safer and Eatgood told their story about how to make food healthier. The locally based Gothenburg startup Mycorena presented their innovative and interesting food waste based biological process, creating a fungi product rich on protein and without taste. Their value proposition is a sustainable protein rich ingredient for new food products.


All about people
Digitalization is not least about people, and that data needs to be transformed into knowledge to be of real value The IT solution provider Consafe Logistics made a presentation predicting the future warehouse. From the HR angle it was interesting that one of the predictions was both higher competence requirements for warehouse staff but also that more staff will be needed. The latter because Consafe Logistics sees the modern warehouse playing the role as engine in the whole supply chain.

It will be interesting to follow the different initiatives going forward and we will be back next year 6-8 October 2020, where Nordic Food Industry will be held in combination with ProcessTeknik and Scanautomatic.