FIE 2019 – Foodjob Nordic

Currently we have 12 positions

  • Company: SYNLAB Analytics & Services AB

    Teknisk Salgskonsulent til SYNLAB Analytics

    Foodjob Nordic søger en teknisk salgskonsulent med baggrund fra levnedsmiddelindustrien til SYNLAB Analytics

  • Company: Coronet Cake Company A/S

    Sales & Operations Specialist til nøglestilling i fødevareindustrien

    Foodjob Nordic søger nu for Coronet Cake Company A/S en erfaren Sales & Operations Specialist til en spændende stilling for at styrke organisationen og sikre samspil mellem produktion, indkøb, logistik og salg.

  • Company: Coronet Cake Company A/S

    Selvstændig og kvalitetsbevidst Kvalitetschef

    Foodjob Nordic søger nu for Coronet Cake Company A/S en dygtig kvalitetschef til en spændende stilling med mange selvstændige opgaver inden for fødevarekvalitet og hygiejne.

  • Company: Anonymous

    Økonomichef til fødevarevirksomhed

    Foodjob Nordic søger nu for kunde en kompetent Økonomichef til en spændende stilling med mange selvstændige opgaver.

  • Company: AAK Denmark

    Global Business Development Manager for AAK

    Take your career to the next level in a key role in a global business within a world leading company… Foodjob Nordic is looking for an ambitious Global Business Development Manager to support competitive and profitable growth of AAKs Chocolate and Confectionary Fats business. AAK is the leading producer of specialized oils and fats for the food industry. The company has un-matched expertise in the application of vegetable oils and fats in chocolate and confectionery (CCF).

Input from the World of Food Ingredients

The global market for food ingredients is currently undergoing a lot of changes, where an increased industry and consumer awareness on sourcing, processing, plant based/animal based raw materials, sustainability and technical competences of the ingredients suppliers are impacting companies at an all-time high. These trends and developments are not by any means new but have accelerated through the past few years to a degree, where they are present all over the largest industry fair and not just as a small niche as years past. After spending two days walking and talking with key stakeholders, we can truly say that what used to be alternatives are now turning into the mainstream: plant based, health awareness, sustainable sourcing, clean label, just to name a few.

This years’ fair looks to be impacted heavily by an industrial strike, but nevertheless it feels clear that the way we must act as recruiters and consumers to decode the ingredients and process behind the brands is undergoing a lot of change. We need to sell the story about ingredients in new ways, not just focusing on size, values, scale and organization, but also the entire sourcing chain and impact on the world, which is an interesting approach for us to adopt. That is what we are also taking home from this years’ fair. And then of course a lot of industry gossip and rumors, that we will not share here.