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Boost your performance – Nestlé event

Can food and exercise make you better at work, maybe even achieve better results or stay healthy in the third age?

These were some of the questions when three experts were invited to the event called “Boost your performance” organized by Nestlé in collaboration with Danish Food Cluster this Wednesday. Our consultant Alex Madsen attended the event in order to be updated on the latest news on nutrition and health.

– Is the short answer to the question above. But, it’s not always as easy as it sounds. Sleep is just as much an important factor in order to perform at work and in private. Exactly, this area is something that Susanne Wolff, the Nordic Scientific Advisor at Nestlé Health Science, is focusing her research on.

Too little sleep is something that can affect what we eat and maybe this is where the food industry should pay extra attention in the future? One of the questions from the audience was ‘if Nestlé was going to focus on products that would give people a better night’s sleep’. An interesting question, because we already know specific products that can make us more relaxed and therefore get a better night’s sleep.

Susanne Wolff explained that it is an area Nestlé focuses heavily on, knowing the consequences it can have both in private and at work. She gave an example of the consequences on the lack of sleep: A working day of 17 hours followed by a drive home is equivalent to driving with a shocking 0.8% per mil (!)

The future products of Nestlé
Another interesting fact Nestlé presented was their 10-20 % reduction of fat, sugar and salt in their products in the future. An area that Søren Lavrsen, Lector at VIA University College in Aarhus elaborated on at the event. He has seen the possibilities in the stevia plant and its many advantages, to reduce our sugar intake, but also as a product that shows positive effects on diseases, aging and so on.

What did we learn?
It is important for us in Foodjob Nordic to participate in this type of event, because we believe it is an important area to focus on. What can we do in the food industry to create better results both in the company and in private? It is an exciting area that is evolving – we expect to see even more attention payed to the issues regarding nutrition and health in the future.

Foodjob Nordic is currently running an assignment for Nestlé Professional Food, therefore it is also interesting to follow the activities the company are focused on right now.

Thanks for a great event, Danish Food Cluster and Nestlé!


See pictures from the event here.