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Assistant Scientist (Fluent in Chinese) - DuPont, Shanghai

This position offers the opportunity to develop innovative solutions for the Dairy Industry working along a highly skilled team of professionals. The Assistant Scientist reports to the Culture Development Group Manager who is based on the same site in Shanghai. This position belongs to the Nutrition & Health business unit of the organization.  
The Assistant Scientist position at DuPont is a new role, and this person will be responsible for conducting experimental work by leading global long-term projects for major dairy companies (mostly for China and Europe). Ensuring continuing project activity by coordinating the resources and priority for each project will highly contribute to succeeding in that role. By working in a global and fast-pace environment, the Assistant Scientist will keep oneself aware of the new methods and processes for food ingredients and will use business intelligence as a mean to remain a major influencer in the organization both internally and externally. This position will enable this professional to be a key contributor to the company and the team’s success.  
Responsibilities and goals:  
The Assistant Scientist has a strong experience working with Lactic Acid Bacteria or similar fields such as Dairy Fermentation. This professional is expected to successfully lead strategic long-term projects for major Dairy companies. The employee will remain aware of the state-of-the-art in this specific field and communicate internally both on the projects advancement and the major market trends. Working with a group of talented professionals, the Assistant Scientist will be a key member of the organization by directly contributing to the organization success and thanks to a team-working spirit.  
  • Conducting experimental work as defined by project objectives  
  • Ensuring continuous project activity by coordinating the resources for each project  
  • Reporting the experimental results regularly to customers and managers  
  • Keeping up to date on new trends, technical developments and skills by monitoring patents, competitors’ activities, new methods and processes for food ingredients in associated areas  
  • Representing R&D as a scientific expert and resource for internal and external customers, conducting training presentations, answering technical questions  
Qualifications & Profile:  
The new Assistant Scientist is expected to have a solid knowledge platform in Microbiology as well as Food Science in general. Working for important Dairy companies, an expertise in research in Lactic Acid Bacteria will strongly favor success in the led projects. The Assistant Scientist needs to have good work-ethics, by regularly informing his peers on his ongoing projects, by respecting the company policy and by actively contributing to the positive working environment. This role is addressed to an ambitious Scientist who is willing to put in application a solid technical background. The context will offer possibilities of growing as a professional in a global company by working on strategic long-term projects for Dairy companies.  
  • MSc. or PhD. in Microbiology, Food Science of related fields  
  • 5 years of experience in an industrial environment or equivalent experience as an independent researcher in lactic acid bacteria, physiology, application or starter culture development  
  • Solid background as a leader of research projects  
  • Experience in basic biochemical analysis (HPLC, GC, etc.)  
  • Knowledge of molecular biology  
  • Ability to independently and successfully design, manage and perform multi-task projects  
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills  
  • Fluent in English and in Chinese, French would be a plus  
  • Rule-following temperament  
  • Team-spirit, taste for reaching success as a group  
Salary and location:  
  • Location will be DuPont’s office in Shanghai  
  • Attractive salary package + benefits  
  • Opportunities to evolve within the organization  
Please contact Senior Account Manager Paul Moinel from Foodjob Nordic on +45 2635 3855 or [email protected] to learn more about this exciting position. Of course, Foodjob Nordic ensures absolute discretion for all applicants.