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Plant and Seed Formulation Scientist - Denmark

This position is a new role, and this person will be responsible for conducting the Formulation works on the projects, which are about developing innovative natural solutions for the Agriculture. Developing the company’s capabilities in formulation of Bacteria for Plant and Seed will also be expected from this person. By working in a leading company in the Biosciences sector, and by attending trainings and events, the Formulation Scientist will remain aware of the state-of-the-art in this innovative industry while developing a solid network. This position will directly contribute to the company’s and the department’s success. This person will have an impact on the ongoing projects and will have an influence on the future fields of research by understanding the specific needs of the users.  
Responsibilities and goals:
The Plant and Seed Formulation Scientist has a strong experience working in Formulation for the Agricultural market. This professional is expected to directly contribute to the Plant Health Department’s success, by successfully managing the Formulation part of the projects. Quickly becoming and remaining a reference in that field within and without of the organization will constitute an important factor in this person’s success in that role. This person will be expected to show an ability to communicate effectively and to adapt to different type of interlocutors.  
  • Developing different types of formulation for spore forming bacteria that can be compatible with customers’ demand
  • Head the testing and development of formulation on crops with focus on new registrations and customer support
  • Formulating of Gram positive bacteria, compatibility testing of the solutions with pesticides or for seed treatment use, stability assessment and management of agricultural application
  • Actively planning, designing and following-up on experiments including analyzes statistics and interpretation of data
  • Developing the company’s capabilities in formulation of bacteria for PH and AH including building up formulation laboratory (within approx. 6 months) and hiring of technical people
  • Following the trends in the global Chemical and Agricultural market and come with ideas and knowledge to share with the rest of the team
  • Actively participating and initiating networking activities within and without of the company (Universities, …)
  • Securing Intellectual Property Rights of new inventions in the area  
Qualifications & Profile:
The new Plant and Seed Formulation Scientist is expected to have solid knowledge platform in Formulation of Chemicals or Biological solutions for the agricultural market. Having a team-oriented spirit driven by a thrive for success will facilitate this person’s fulfillment within the organization. Being exposed to a very innovative market, the Plant and Seed Formulation Scientist can create an immense added-value within the company by effectively sharing knowledge. This person needs to have a pragmatic approach to problem solving and to find the most effective and realistic solutions for the customers. The working environment in this leading company will offer serious possibilities of growth as a professional in this innovative field where the global demand is growing.  
  • MSc. or PhD. In Chemistry or Biosciences or similar fields
  • Specific knowledge in Formulation of Chemical and Biological solutions, ideally oriented towards Agriculture
  • At least 3 years of experience in a comparable position in an industrial group or working for industrial customers
  • A knowledge in Formulation for Sugarcane, Wheat, Corn, Sugar Beet, Rice and Soybean is a strong asset
  • Ability to independently and successfully design, manage and perform multi-task projects
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Fluency in English is mandatory
  • Team-spirit, taste for reaching success as a group and for making the difference  
  • Attractive salary package + benefits
  • Opportunities to significantly grow within the organization  
Please contact Senior Account Manager Paul Moinel from Foodjob Nordic on +45 2635 3855 or [email protected]  to learn more about this exciting position. Of course, Foodjob Nordic ensures absolute discretion for all applicants.