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IFR-A Meeting in Copenhagen

Foodjob Nordic and our European partners met in Copenhagen this May for the annual IFR-A partner meeting. This year Foodjob Nordic was hosting the event.

The meeting was held in the center of Copenhagen in La Oficina where Foodjob Nordic had planned two days with intercultural workshops, seminars, presentations and of course fun activities. Four countries were represented: Denmark (Foodjob Nordic), The Netherlands (DUPP Recruitment), Germany (Rau Consultants) and Great Britain (Focus Management Consultants).

The idea of these annual meetings is to – of course meet each other – but also to discuss challenges, best-practices, different markets and plans for the future. This year the intercultural workshop was held by Aperian Global, animated by Morten Skov-Carlsen. His presentation and workshop gave us the opportunity to understand each other better, taking our different country cultures into consideration – all fruitful discussions, that led us to make decisions on how to strengthen our IFR-A partnership.

About IFRA
All members of the International Food Recruitment Alliance (IFR-A) are independent recruitment consultancies with full specialism in the food business and leading positions in their home markets. Based on a professional background in the food area in combination with many years of recruitment experience, all IFRA members are real food experts and share your passion for the food business.

IFR-A was established in 2008 by three of the now five partners. The aim was to form an alliance to provide both clients and candidates in the food industry with better international solutions by combining all our partner’s local knowledge and experience in one place. In IFR-A we share all our international vacancies with each other and can recommend candidates to each other and their specific clients. This has been a unique combination for now 10 years, which we are very proud to be part of.

Positive perspectives for IFR-A
Our own senior account manager Paul Moinel participated in the meeting and was really happy about the outcome of the two intense days: “I think there’s definitely some positive perspectives for the alliance. We have many projects that we are currently putting in place – exchanging consultants for a couple of days from one country to another, sharing more knowledge, doing market analyzes for our clients & candidates and so on”, while he continues “So hopefully, the collaboration between us and our European partners will be even stronger after this – the future looks bright for the alliance.”

The two days in Copenhagen ended with dinner and a fun evening in Tivoli. Thank you for joining us here in Denmark. We are looking forward to the next meeting in 2019.

Learn more about the partners on IFR-A’s website