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FoodTech Challenge & InnovateFood.dk 2018

We are once again proud to be partners in FoodTech Challenge 2018. This year at FoodTech 2018, FoodTech Challenge has joined forces with InnovateFood.dk to create an even stronger event that gives the participating companies a 360-degree innovation makeover.

This event is designed to make ideas become reality and offers a unique platform to vitalize business development, brand your business and create visibility and contacts to key stakeholders in the food industry and beyond. The participating companies are all market leaders within the industry, and each will supply a real-life case challenge of strategic importance for the business. 10 teams consisting of 5 carefully selected students with highly specialized knowledge will compete to develop new business models, ideas and concepts that can be successfully implemented by the participating companies.

What is it?
FoodTech Challenge & InnovateFood.dk 2018 is a three-day open innovation competition and expert session debate held at FoodTech Fair, in Herning, Denmark. The event concludes on the third day with a public presentation by the student teams from the 10 participating companies, and a winner is chosen by an international expert judging panel.

1 CHALLENGE – we partner with your company to develop and present a case of strategic relevance to your business

3 EXPERTS – offer new perspectives and present research results relevant to your case in an open panel session

5 STUDENTS – are selected and will work together to create innovative solutions and concepts to your specific case in a facilitated process

We are proud of being partner in this event that offers its participants a unique opportunity to gear up for the future and gain invaluable insights and perspectives tailored to the business. This event makes it possible for ideas to become reality and offers an arena of highly dedicated professionals and businesses who meet up to explore Industry 4.0.

If you want to know more about how to participate contact CEO Mads Kinch Clemmensen or go to FoodTech.dk and InnovateFood.dk