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FoodTech Challenge and InnovateFood.dk 2018

Once again we are proud to be a part of FoodTech and FoodTech Challenge 2018. This year we have added an exiting new partner to the event – InnovateFood.dk. Together we have created a new an even more exiting event  “FoodTech Challenge and InnovateFood.dk”. We believe this is the best of both worlds; top motivated students working to create new and innovative solutions and skilled experts with the newest knowledge and research debating the future within food and food technology.

Another new edition to this event is the overall setting – the new Tech City at Hall F. This is the hub for innovation and networking at FoodTech this year!

To learn more about FoodTech and InnovateFood.dk to go www.foodtech.dk/aktiviteter-og-events/tech-city/foodtech-challenge-innovatefood-dk 

FoodTech Challenge and InnovateFood.dk is held at FoodTech 13 – 15 November 2018.