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FoodExpo 2018 – 8 food trends

This week we attended the FoodExpo fair in MCH Messecenter Herning to visit customers and to see the newest trends in the food industry.

According to the organizers, during the three days, 26.178 people visited the fair with 571 exhibitors, many prestigious competitions and exciting seminars. Consultant Martin Guldsø Alsted attended a seminar hosted by the PEJ Group, a Scandinavian trend institute.

Louise Byg Kongsholm, trend researcher and owner of the PEJ Group explained at the seminar how 8 mega trends are characterizing food consumer behavior today. The mega trends, she explained, are trends that are characterized by spirit of time, values and needs for a period between three and ten years. These trends are often used for strategic planning, development of products, communication and design on a longer term.

The 8 mega food trends:

  • Performance food – ambitious, visual, sensual and experimenting food
  • World cooking – authentic ethnic food
  • Food doctor – focus on normal healthy foods and enriched/fortified foods
  • Modern traditions – traditions, nostalgy, food made by hand
  • Essential cooking – simple, honest, transparent food where you can taste the raw materials
  • Local kitchen – food which has travelled least possible and is as locally produced as possible
  • Food fix – indulgence – food which makes you feel better
  • … and Gourmet express

The Gourmet express trend
The Gourmet express trend is the PEJ Group’s view on modern convenience which can take many forms. The name of the trend reflects that today food should be both delicious and easily prepared. According to the PEJ Group the modern consumer has around 27 hours of activities fitted into just 24 hours a day and the 3-hour deficit makes us try to save time where we can.

Interesting to see how many different directions the 8 trends are pointing. This is however no coincidence as every trend has a countertrend. So, it is up to food manufactures to design products to different consumer segments and for specific consumption situations.

Watch Louise Byg Kongsholm eloborate on some of the trends here.

Trends at the fair
At the fair we saw examples of how companies tap into the different trends.  For example, on the modern traditions Barry Callebaut and Lantmännen Cerealia were demonstrating artisan food making. Naturli Foods were displaying dairy and meat alternatives for the increasing number of flexitarians driven by both health and sustainability concerns. And Tulip displayed delicious meat products reflecting the gourmet express trend.

The Food Expo fair was an interesting and inspiring event and for Foodjob Nordic it was a nice way to meet our network and get a feeling of the food products of today.