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Career Days in Aarhus 2018

My colleague Stine Thit Jensen and I joined the Career Days / Karrieredagene this Wednesday at the Scandinavian Congress Centre in Aarhus.

We had the pleasure to be part of AAK’s stand to help create awareness about their trainee program and to draw attention to our own project called FoodTech Challenge & InnovateFood.dk.

AAK was the proud winner of FoodTech Challenge 2016 and this made for the perfect setting to discuss career opportunities for both AAK and ourselves.

We met many interesting students from various educational backgrounds, and almost all of them asked the same question: “Is the food industry for me?” – a perplexity I think many candidates have come across. Therefore, it was an obvious opportunity for us to introduce the students to the variety of job possibilities with in the food industry and to say “Yes, the food industry is for you”.

Career opportunities
Many larger food companies such as AAK have trainee programs, designed to educate and form the best employees. With the AAK trainee program you don’t just get a training, you get a real job. Another great example of career opportunities besides the AAK trainee program is our own project “FoodTech Challenge & InnovateFood.dk”. In this case competition groups of five students work together for three days to solve a challenge given by a company. The idea is to put together a group of students to reflect the company’s culture and approach – and of course to solve the case in the best possible way. This is a true reflection of what it means to work for a company where your colleagues will come from different educational backgrounds and is a unique simulation of a possible employment for one of the case companies.

Participating in career fairs such as Career Days is very important to us. We get to meet the students and graduates face-to-face and introduce ourselves and the many wonders of the food industry. We hope that we have given the visitors at the fair a taste of what the food industry and also AAK has to offer. We are looking forward to participating in more career fairs in the future, and to, not at least, meet our future candidates.

Read more about FoodTech Challenge and InnovateFood.dk here.