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Career Day at Agro Food Park

A great opportunity to network with food professionals and enthusiasts

This week we had the annual Career Day here in Agro Food Park; 31 companies and 400 students met each other to discuss career opportunities in the Danish food cluster. The career day is a unique chance to grow network as a student and for companies to meet possible future employees.
At our booth we met a lot of interesting young people who were curious about the food industry and getting to know companies less known as Arla.For many the first job can be hard to land. You can easily get the impression that you must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience alongside a very specific educational background to be considered a relevant candidate. This is far from always the case, and we hope that the career day here in Agro Food Park and our student challenges might help close both the mental and the practical gap between being a student and an employee.

During the day our partner and consultant Martin Alsted facilitated a workshop about the student to employee topic together with Helle Melgaard from AAK and Carolin Spittler from Danish Agro. It was a panel Q&A-session where students were able to get insights into what we look for as recruiters and HR.

Martin Alsted: “60-70 young people participated in the session and asked a number of good questions how to optimize chances of getting to an interview and landing the job. Many thanks to all the participants and especially to Helle and Carolin, who shared valuable insights into the HR practices of two very interesting companies in the Danish food cluster”.

Being part of Agro Food Park makes a lot of sense for us at Foodjob Nordic – not least on such a day. We look forward to continuing the event in 2020, where we hope to see both students and companies here again!