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Career Day in Agro Food Park 2023 – great to network with you!

It was a delight to co-host yet another successful Career Day event at Agro Food Park on Thursday. The turnout was impressive, with a large number of students showing up with a keen interest in exploring career opportunities within the Agro and Food industry. More than 30 companies from the region participated in the event, and their booths were visited by approximately 500 students.

The day was packed with informative and engaging workshops that were designed to offer valuable insights into the industry and the essential skills required to transition from being a student to an employee. We collaborated with our colleagues to conduct two workshops that were held in the Project and Career Space of Agro Food Park. The first workshop was an interactive Q&A session on HR, which provided students with an opportunity to ask industry experts about various HR practices and strategies. The second workshop was centered on networking, where students learned about the power of networking and how it can help them in their career growth. The feedback we received from the students who attended these workshops was overwhelmingly positive, and they expressed their desire to gain more knowledge about the industry.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to M3 Manager Søren Madsen and Space Manager Johanne Birn for their invaluable contribution in making this event possible. We would also like to extend our thanks to Camilla Winther from Danish Crown and Bettina Jørgensen from SKOV for sharing their valuable insights on HR practices and Talent Attraction. We are also grateful to our co-facilitator Tenna Schaldemose from Studenterhus Aarhus for collaborating with us and demonstrating the power of networking.

For those who are interested in exploring more job and career opportunities, we cordially invite you to visit the Project and Career Space at Agro Food Park. You can find more information about this space on the following website: Project & Career Space (agrofoodpark.dk). We hope to see you soon!