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Come participate at Career Day 2023

Career Day 2023 kicks off on the 21st of September in Agro Park. In collaboration with Business Region Aarhus and Agro Food Park – Foodjob Nordic is again hosting this event. The food industry looks for a wide variety of candidates these years so no need to worry if you’re not a food scientist.

It is entirely free to participate

Sign up for the timeslot that fits you:

👉 Join Timeslot 1, 10.00-13.00, September 21st at Agro Food Park 26.

👉 Join Timeslot 2, 13.30-16.30, September 21st at Agro Food Park 26.

Agro Food Park is a network exclusively for food and agriculture companies, but you do not need to be a food scientist or nutritional expert to join the Career Day. Food and agriculture companies need employees in a wide range of fields. There is a need for engineers, business developers, accountants, communicators, marketers, and people working directly with food and agriculture.

Read more about Career Day 2022 here.