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A strong candidate for the Danish Food Industry

The Danish Food Industry consists of much more than we might think as typical consumers of food. We teach our children that the milk comes from a cow and not just from the supermarket  – but there is more to the story than that.

At Foodjob Nordic we witness every day the great diversity of the Danish Food Industry and the exciting career opportunities it has got to offer. We know the priorities of our customers and what it takes to be a strong candidate for a position in the Food Industry.

Industry insight matters

The strong food industry professional has not just got experience from a certain discipline – Sales, Marketing, R&D, Production, Quality etc. He/she has that experience from the food industry. As recruiters we often look for “hands-on experience” which means know-how as opposed to pure theoretical knowledge. It is the theoretical and the practical knowledge in combination that has the highest “market value”.

To be or not to be a food professional…

As the food industry consists of numerous functions and disciplines it is not possible to point out a more generic skill set suitable for all functions. However, when we talk about a certain mindset generalizing makes a lot more sense. Many people in our network have at some point in their career made a deliberate choice to continue their career in the food sector. We strongly believe that they define themselves as food professionals not just as sales, production or R&D professionals and so on. Defining yourself as a food professional is likely to imply that you invest in your food career and the fact that you prioritize this makes you a more attractive candidate for the food industry.

In the food industry things are quite interconnected – both internally in each company and externally between companies. Cooperating with colleagues, suppliers, customers, etc. requires a good understanding of their professions and businesses. Curiosity and networking mentality will cater for such understanding and function as a catalyst in seizing the opportunities to become an even stronger food professional.

Opportunities to network

Investing in your career can be done in many ways. One way that is likely to pay back in the Food Industry is by networking.

If you are already a food professional, we hope you are already aware that we at Foodjob Nordic might have just the right opportunity for your next career step. Feel free to contact us if you find an attractive job opportunity on our website or if you would like to hear our view on current opportunities within your field.

If you are a student or a graduate considering the food sector as a career path, we also have great networking opportunities to offer you. Together with Agro Food Park and Business Region Aarhus we at Foodjob Nordic put focus on job opportunities and talent in the Danish Food Industry on Wednesday 19th September in Agro Food Park near Aarhus. We hope that you will seize this unique opportunity to get a first-hand impression meeting both well-known and perhaps not so known companies in the Food Industry. We will be there to guide you and to discuss opportunities more generally. Of course hoping that you will one day define yourself as a food professional – just like we do…